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Featured Dreamer Finalists!


Our judges voted on your submissions and these were the top six!

Congratulations Wovenplay, Summer Murdoch, Salt City Emporium, Posy Quarterman, Little Miss Galia & Holly Donovan!!

Now it is up to YOU!  Who do you think best represents what it means to be a “Dreamer”?  You are not voting on the image but on the BRAND/ARTIST… our chosen winner with create all new content for their issue of Dreamer- cover, interview & 10 page feature.  Which of these six do you want to see?

Vote for your choice by liking their photo on FB or IG… only likes on the Dreamer FB & IG pages will be counted so send your friends over to help get your choice to the top!!

Voting ends one week from today so get yours in!


Tea Time with Artist Emma Bazan

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Today we are sipping tea and chatting with artist Emma Bazan. Emma’s whimsical work combines elements of  femininity and nature.
Let’s get to know the Brooklyn based artist behind these dreamy works of art…
Coffee or tea: Always Tea, coffee makes me way too jittery. Not fun when trying to paint details.
Social media makes: me happy, sad and lazy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty amazing… It’s a great way to discover and be discovered, and connect with others you would never connect with otherwise. But sometimes, it can be daunting. Trying to keep up, stay on everyones radar can be hard, and that can take away from the real work… creating.
I’m inspired by: pretty things, girly things, pinks, blues, greens, sunsets, anything with beauty.
Childhood is: excitement and wonder. Here’s a quote I recently discovered that sums it up perfectly. “ And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling” – Shanti
The place where I create is: in my home. My general goal is to set up on my desk in my studio. But sometimes, my sofa, my bed or scattered on my living room floor seems more fitting.

I’m coveting: a garden.

My playlist: is full of wedding music that I spent the last few months collecting. Favorite song, ‘Moon River’ covered by the Honey Trees. Simply gorgeous.

I aspire to: keep looking for the wind, when things aren’t moving.

Introvert or extrovert: I’m not sure what this is considered, but it’s something like this. “Everybody look at me, look at me!!… oh no wait, stop looking at me!! ”

I am currently working on: getting new things in my shop. And to finally get my website  up and going.

Emma Bazan’s work may be purchased via her Etsy shop, Bella + Bunny.

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Instagram – bellandbunny

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Coffee Break with Artist Jay Fleck

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Let’s enjoy some coffee with illustrator and graphic designer, Jay Fleck. I can’t help but  smile when I browse through his clever work. The color palettes are retro and the characters and animals find themselves in improbable situations.

Coffee or tea: Coffee by far.

Social media makes: happy at times, frustrated at others.  I like seeing what everyone is doing, I like to connect, but it’s just too much.

I’m inspired by: My children.  Children’s books.  Springtime.

Childhood is: Not having to worry about much.  Enjoying things for the moment.

The place where I create is: At my desk or on a run.

I’m coveting: Various lego sets.

My playlist: Right now Beck- Morning Phase, but I jump around a lot and listen to different things with all of these streaming options.

I aspire to:  Make my children/family proud.

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

I am currently working on: My first children’s book.


You can check out some more of Jay’s work on Society6.  




Tea Time with Artist Bianca Green

Artists, Interviews

You know those totally awesome and funky art prints and home wares at Urban Outfitters? Well…today we are sipping tea and chatting with artist, Bianca Green, whose art can be found sold at UO and Society 6. Her dynamic prints, patterns and drawings can be found on shower curtains, bed spreads, pillows and tons of other deliciously beautiful accessories. Check out her website to find more art and products.
BGREEN - Bella The Happy Butterphant
Coffee or tea: definitely tea. Always.
Social media makes: it easy to be interactive with people who enjoy what I do and vice versa. It also allows me to stay in touch with family and friends all around the world. On the downside, it has made things less personal and I feel like we spend too much time in front of too many screens.
I’m inspired by: people, nature, sounds, colors, arts, situations, constellations and emotions. You never really know what inspires you. Sometimes you experience something and the ideas and visions only follow later. Inspiration is like magic, you can’t touch it, plan it or really define it. It just happens and whenever it does, I feel blessed.
Childhood is: that wonderful time where you are becoming the person you are by learning, growing, dancing, playing and creating.
The place where I create is: my studio / office in my apartment. That room is to me like a candy store to a child. It’s full of artwork, art supplies, tools, machines, open projects, empty canvases, a big desk, good music and a lot of natural light for a great environment to create.
I’m coveting: excitement. May it be trips, interesting conversations, dancing to a great song, tasting delicious food, finishing an artwork, or receiving an unexpected hug. So many things can be exciting, every day.
My playlist: is currently a mix between mostly indie stuff, some happy pop, old hip hop, fascinating voices, dreamy guitar sounds and it keeps changing..
I aspire to: make myself happy, make the people I love happy, allow others to make me happy, appreciate the little things, get emotional about the right things, create inspiring work and make every day count.
Introvert or extrovert: extrovert. Not always, but mostly.
I am currently working on: making more of my dreams come true. No dreamer is ever too small, no dream is ever too big!
Readers, is there an artist you want to learn more about? Let us know!