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Olivia in my red coat by The Red Balloon Photography

Blog feature sessions

This morning we are sharing an adorable session from Val Spring over at The Red Balloon Photography.  The colors, the coat… and- oh my- that little girl… nothing we don’t adore about these!

I had been itching to get out and shoot for myself for a while and especially since were having some fog around, but with life being so busy I really wash’t able to find the right time. But on that Sunday I looked out the window, it was so foggy I could’t see past a block away, so I asked my daughter Olivia if she’d be up for going to Discovery park (one of my favorite places in Seattle) and play outside and let me take a few photos of her. I also wanted to bring one of my Polaroids that my husband had recently surprised me with and I’ve been having so much fun playing/experimenting with.
I love how everything becomes blue and grey when fog is present so I asked Olivia if she’d be up to wear my red coat from when I was a little girl. That coat holds so many memories and I can remember wearing it and how special I felt when I did. My Dad had brought that coat to me from Paris from one of his business trips back in the early 80’ and even though I wore it many times, and it was also passed to some of my younger cousins, then some of my cousins’ kids, then my oldest daughter, Lola, it’s still looks like new. I love how well made things were back then and also love that my mom (and family) took such good care of it so that now my daughters can wear it. I sure hope that some day their daughter will, too. 
We both got ready, I grabbed my gear and left. As soon as we got in the car, the fog started to disappear and rain seem to be taking over so I was somewhat disappointed, but since we were all pretty excited to go to the park, we ignored that and went anyways. When we got there, there was no fog whatever and it was raining pretty hard, so we waited for a little bit in the car until the rain got lighter and we could bare shooting outside.
We we able to shoot for about 5 minutes, less than what I had in mind, but it was so beautiful outside and Olivia felt as good in that coat as I remember feeling when I was her age. People were stopping on their walks to comment on her and it made her smile every time. It was a short but definitely a sweet little photo experience.
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