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Coffee break with Cheryl Molden of Ollie Jones

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Today we are enjoying a coffee break with Cheryl Molden, designer and creator of the Canadian handmade line, Ollie Jones.

“My little home based business started because of frustration – I just couldn’t find pants for my son that were both comfortable and fashion forward. I always wanted to buy him leggings, but so many had bows or frills or just too plain. How could I deny my son the comfort that us Mom’s have been wearing during pregnancy, post pregnancy…..well, let’s face we would all live in them if we could. So out came the sewing machine and after cutting up a really cool Tee shirt of mine…the perfect pair of leggings were born.” – Cheryl Molden, Designer and Creator of Ollie Jones

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Social media makes: An incredible difference to small business owners.  It’s amazing how you can reach people all around the world with a simple

I’m inspired by: All the talented MOMpreneurs who have created successful businesses.

Childhood is: Something you should always carry with you.

The place where I create is: In my basement studio, although most of my ideas come to me in the shower.

I’m coveting: My signed copy of Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski

My playlist: Stevie Wonder, The Kooks, The National, Ryan Adams, Broken Social Scene

I aspire to: Be an amazing mother

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

I am currently working on: OJC’s winter collection













ollie_jones_6657c2Photography & Styling: Shannon Sewell

Talent: Puddletown Talent


Coffee break with Anne Katrine Montag, Designer of Mini A Ture

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Let’s enjoy some coffee with the designer of the playful and functional Danish brand, Mini A Ture. 

“Children feel comfortable wearing MINI A TURE, while looking beautiful and well-dressed. Our personal style based on Danish design combined with current trends and humor is unique. Our special prints and patterns, unique cuts and color combinations, combined with high quality materials create a truly exclusive and chic look.” – Anne Katrine Montag

Coffee or tea: Coffee, but tea when I’m in my healthy mood

Social media makes: Everything more close by

I’m inspired by: Beautiful things

Childhood is: Nostalgic and lovable

The place where I create is: My office with my mood boards

I’m coveting: Fashion, traveling, my family and springtime

My playlist: Quadron and London Gramma

I aspire to: create things that people love

Introvert or extrovert: extrovert

I am currently working on: Spring/Summer 15




Tea Time with Akiko Mukae of Atsuyo et Akiko

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Let’s enjoy some tea with Akiko Mukae of Atsuyo et Akiko, a whimsical brand that offers children’s decor, clothing, accessories and some women’s items. The designers of Atsuyo et AkikoAtsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae, share a love for storytelling, which they express through their designs. Screen-printed images grace their pieces, creating a cohesive story among the collection.

Coffee or tea: Tea

Social Media makes: a great market place and fun to communicate with fans and followers

I’m inspired by: everyday life

Childhood is: imagination world

The place where I create is: home

I’m coveting: to be a great artist and mother

My playlist: silence

I aspire to: relax and be happy

Introvert or Extrovert: both

I am currently working on: 2015SS

Facebook: HERE Instagram: HERE 

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A mini interview with Isabella Rose Taylor

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We are thrilled to include Isabella Rose Taylor in the summer edition of Dreamer Journal. Isabella is an inspiring teen designer on the fast track to success.   We have a full interview and imagery showing off her line in our Summer Issue but couldn’t resist sharing a little peak into her world here as well.

Let’s chat with Isabella about her brand and goals…

Describe the aesthetic of your brand.

My brand is for the ever evolving teen who is experimenting with her style and doesn’t stick to just one look.  I personally like to mix grunge/ street wear with a little hippie and sometimes a more quirky vibe.  The girl who wears my brand mixes the right amount of  tough and sweet, she’s a little artsy, with an indie streak.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? What does the future of your brand look like? 

I see my brand expanding into multiple department stores and boutiques as well as adding accessories like shoes, handbags and jewelry to my collection.  I want to continue to learn all aspects of both design and business in regards to the fashion industry.  In 5 years I will be 18.  I will continue to be a brand that caters to the juniors but will also have a separate label to continue to meet the needs of my age demographic as my market grows with me.  I want to stay relevant and become a global brand.

Could you offer any tips to kids your age in regards to setting goals and working towards them? 

Every year I sit down and write out my goals for the year.  I also make a “dream board” of everything that I want to accomplish.  It works for me to have a visual to look at every now and again to see if I am reaching my goals or dreams.  It takes a lot of determination and perseverance to try to achieve your goals.  I sometimes have to re-evaluate what it is I want to achieve.

Read more about Isabella and see Shannon Sewell’s take on the brand in the Summer Issue.