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Cappuccinos with Chantal Kumar of Chandamama

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This morning we are having a frothy cappuccino with Chantal Kumar, creator and designer of Chandamama. I absolutely adore the way this line fuses a relaxed beach vibe with sophistication and a little eastern flair. You can read my interview with Chantal Kumar of Chandamama in the Spring 2014 issue of Dreamer Journal and experience Chandamama through Shannon Sewell’s creative eye.  And (this is the best part) win the Nikasha vanilla dress and Ladoo gold slipper used in the shoot!
Coffee or tea: Coffee!! A cappuccino in the morning, an espresso after lunch. Cannot do without…
Social media makes: I still harbor a mild case of paranoia of putting my life out there, but mostly I enjoy it.
I’m inspired by: everything from magazines and books, websites and social media, India, travels, to just being aware of my surroundings.
Childhood is: the most beautiful thing
The place where I create is: my studio
I’m coveting: an endless summer spent on the beach with the kids.
My playlist: Zucco, Draft Punk, Adele
I aspire to: be a nice and happy person.
Introvert or extrovert: a little bit of both but probably mostly extrovert.
I am currently working on: chandamama collection SS15!!
Let’s chat in a few days…who will it be?
Win this outfit from Chandamama below!!


Coffee Break with Lena Hyde of Design Aglow

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Let’s enjoy a coffee break and chat with renowned child photographer, Lena HydeLena Hyde is quite the driving force in the field of photography, with a few published books to her name. Lena is also the founder of Design Aglow, an invaluable resource for portrait and wedding photographers.  And… if you scroll to the bottom of the post you will see she is giving one of you a Big Picture Wall Calendar template- the perfect add to keep your work and family schedules organized and looking good!



Coffee or tea: Coffee all the way! We just moved to Portland, hello?

Social media makes: people into zombies

I’m inspired by: Barcelona, Wes Anderson, flash sales, boba tea, the Blue Angels, hedgehogs, velvet, Korean sushi, technology, open minds, funny jokes, salted caramel, and old married couples who still hold hands

Childhood is: the BEST. (Except middle school, that kind of sucks.)

The place where I create is: First in my mind and then in the studio.

I’m coveting: Subuaru Outbacks!

My playlist: XM the Coffee House

I aspire to: work hard, be a good human, and have a lot of fun.

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert. Unless there is wine.

I am currently working on: Setting up the new offices in Portland, Oregon. And, it’s awesome.




Soda Pop with Brittni Schroeder of Mozi Magazine

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Today we are a enjoying a refreshing soda with Editor-in-Chief of Mozi Magazine, Brittni Schroeder. Mozi Magazine aims to “educate, inspire, and empower” photographers; and is a go to publication for many in the industry. The folks over at Mozi Magazine are giving away a free digital download of their latest issue right here on the Dreamer Journal blog! To win a your digital copy just comment below, say “Hi!” over on our FB page (we love to meet our readers and see what you’ve been up to) or enter through our Punchtab below…

Coffee or tea: Neither.  Diet Coke with lime. ;)

Social media makes: me crazy.  Social media is a great tool for individuals and businesses.  It can be used as a instrument to  inspire and encourage, but unfortunately can also be used to criticize and judge.  People often times forget to treat people they way they wish to be treated.   

I‘m inspired by: photographers who play with light in a non traditional way. 

Childhood is: timeless.  I bask in the memory of my childhood memories and hope my children cherish theirs.

The place where I create is: in nature.  I try to embrace every place I go.

I’m coveting: a dreamy vacation in Greece.

My playlist: is all over the place.  I grew up country so love the classic country music. I moved to Detroit and love me a little Eminem and Kid Rock.  I also adore Adelle, Fergie, Pink, Trains.  You name it I probably listen to it.

I aspire to: be a good mom. It doesn’t matter how successful I am at anything that I do if I cannot be a good mom. 

Introvert or extrovert:  Extrovert for sure.  I talk to everyone and anyone.

I am currently working on: Finishing up our Family/Children’s Issue of Mozi and juggling all my High School Seniors sessions.  Life is good.

Facebook: HERE   Twitter: HERE  Instagram: HERE

Don’t forget to enter to win a digital download of Mozi Magazine…Good luck!



Coffee Break with Heather Riley of Georgia Blue, a new give away & a winner of TGO!

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Congratulations to our TGO winner- Amy Bean! Just email us your address and we will get it right out to you :)

We get to hit a triple with Heather Riley of Georgia Blue today- an interview, a DIY and a give away!


First up- a little behind the scenes look at Heather (the creator of all the adorable Georgia Blue accessories)…
Coffee or tea: coffee please… two sugar and lots of cream
Social media makes: a bit overwhelmed yet happy … ive met so many creative inspiring mama’s just like me…
I’m inspired by: my babies… cant sit still always creating something…
Childhood is: filled with laughter
 The place where I create is: my home with many little hands creating by my side….
 I’m coveting: a hut on the beach… toes in sand and not a care in the world… although I hate seafood…?
 My playlist: at the moment frozen… thanks to miss Georgia… I really love all music…
 I aspire to: enjoy each and every moment….
 Introvert or extrovert: introvert… would rather cuddle with a movie and take out..
 I am currently working on: knitwear for winter…
Do you want to make one of her pieces for yourself?  She not only sent us these lovely Daisy Headbands… she sent us a little ‘how-to’ so that you can make them at home for your littles ones!
And for those of you that just aren’t the DIY type, we are giving away these two headbands!  Just enter our Punchtab below for your chance to win.  Thank you Georgia Blue for adding a bit of whimsy and fun to our day :)