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Coffee with Andrea Duclos of Oh Dear Drea

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Today we are sharing a yummy recipe by Drea (Andrea Duclos). Ohdeardrea is filled with vegan recipes, DIYs and photos of her family life in South Florida. Check out her blog to see how awesome she is. While you’re there, get some info on her Spring 2015 India Retreat and the cookbook she has in the works. Before we share her recipe, let’s chat with Drea…

Coffee or tea: coffee. always coffee. then tea. then more coffee.

Social media makes: our world tiny

I’m inspired by: life, colors, patterns, and travel…. and coffee.

Childhood is: a time of endless magic…. and cookies

The place where I create is:everywhere

I’m coveting: the idea of endless travel

My playlist: n.e.r.d. all day, everyday. except for today, today was bluegrass.

I aspire to: more of this. creating, learning, growing, happiness. I like it all, I want to do more of it.

Introvert or extrovert: if it’s possible, both. if not, introvert. Okay, actually, probably just an introvert.

I am currently working ona cookbook / a two week textile, cooking, and yoga tour of north indialiving the best life ever.

My Favorite Sandwich, A Love Story / The Perfect Veggie Sandwich


t’s funny the things that make you think of love, isn’t it? And not very surprising for us, that a lot of food makes my heart think of love and of Alex. Just like pizza has a love story for him and I, so does this sandwich.  Nothing about this sandwich has changed over the past six (?) years. It doesn’t need to change. I know we’re typically things on toast people over here, but this—-  this really is our favorite, easy bread and veggie recipe—- and filling enough for even the hungriest of carnivores (ahem, alex).

So why does this sandwich make me think of love? For a few reasons really. I discovered the amazingness of shredded beets on things– with Alex. A small restaurant we went to featured shredded beets in many of their recipes. Such a simple idea, and such a great way to eat beets. Together we would visit the weekly markets for all the ingredients we needed. Sometimes Alex would make the bread— and sometimes he wouldn’t ;)

And each day (not everyday, but often enough for me to be spoiled by it) he would make this sandwich for me while I was at work and walk it over to me. We’d sit together in breezy walkway filled with wind chimes, tapestries, and hanging plants outside a sweaty and incense filled hippie shop (I know, I worked there/managed it— and it’s still funny and amazing to me now) and eat our sandwiches together…. with chips. Always chips. We all love sandwich day. And I love eating this sandwich with him and our small family.


When I asked Alex if this sandwich makes him think of love, he said yes. I asked, why. And he said becausewe’ve been making it together for so long. I’ve only ever ate this sandwich with you. And will always eat it with you. It’s true. And now, we eat it with Marlowe (no beets for marlowe). And more awesome? With vegetables grown in our own garden. That’s love. Veggie sandwich love.



You’ll need:
thick sliced sourdough bread, toasted
sliced avocado
thin sliced cucumber or radish (for crunch)
grated beets (any color)
grated carrots
sliced tomato
your favorite greens
hummus (we always make our own lemon garlic hummus, but any variety is great)*
olive oil
balsamic vinegar

salt &cracked pepper

*sometimes, but not usually, I make a sun-dried tomato spread. like HERE (tempeh too), it’s extra delicious.

How to:
drizzle olive oil on bread
toast/broil/grill bread
spread hummus on bread
layer your veggies
salt & pepper
drizzle balsamic on top
close sandwich
big bites.




(originally posted HERE)

Tea Time with Akiko Mukae of Atsuyo et Akiko

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Let’s enjoy some tea with Akiko Mukae of Atsuyo et Akiko, a whimsical brand that offers children’s decor, clothing, accessories and some women’s items. The designers of Atsuyo et AkikoAtsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae, share a love for storytelling, which they express through their designs. Screen-printed images grace their pieces, creating a cohesive story among the collection.

Coffee or tea: Tea

Social Media makes: a great market place and fun to communicate with fans and followers

I’m inspired by: everyday life

Childhood is: imagination world

The place where I create is: home

I’m coveting: to be a great artist and mother

My playlist: silence

I aspire to: relax and be happy

Introvert or Extrovert: both

I am currently working on: 2015SS

Facebook: HERE Instagram: HERE 

Check the blog for our next creative chat!






A mini interview with Isabella Rose Taylor

Designers, Interviews

We are thrilled to include Isabella Rose Taylor in the summer edition of Dreamer Journal. Isabella is an inspiring teen designer on the fast track to success.   We have a full interview and imagery showing off her line in our Summer Issue but couldn’t resist sharing a little peak into her world here as well.

Let’s chat with Isabella about her brand and goals…

Describe the aesthetic of your brand.

My brand is for the ever evolving teen who is experimenting with her style and doesn’t stick to just one look.  I personally like to mix grunge/ street wear with a little hippie and sometimes a more quirky vibe.  The girl who wears my brand mixes the right amount of  tough and sweet, she’s a little artsy, with an indie streak.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? What does the future of your brand look like? 

I see my brand expanding into multiple department stores and boutiques as well as adding accessories like shoes, handbags and jewelry to my collection.  I want to continue to learn all aspects of both design and business in regards to the fashion industry.  In 5 years I will be 18.  I will continue to be a brand that caters to the juniors but will also have a separate label to continue to meet the needs of my age demographic as my market grows with me.  I want to stay relevant and become a global brand.

Could you offer any tips to kids your age in regards to setting goals and working towards them? 

Every year I sit down and write out my goals for the year.  I also make a “dream board” of everything that I want to accomplish.  It works for me to have a visual to look at every now and again to see if I am reaching my goals or dreams.  It takes a lot of determination and perseverance to try to achieve your goals.  I sometimes have to re-evaluate what it is I want to achieve.

Read more about Isabella and see Shannon Sewell’s take on the brand in the Summer Issue.




Green Tea with Erika Harberts of Mikodesign

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Grab a fun teacup and let’s enjoy some green tea with Erika Harberts of Mikodesign. Mikodesign offers adorable kits for making your own softies, tissue holders, banners, etc. Erika designs the fabrics and screenprints the whimsical designs herself in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Coffee or tea: I love tea, especially green tea!

Social media makes: involved with other crafters& mothers

I’m inspired by: my two girls(daughters) and Paris

Childhood is: the best time of your life

The place where I create is: at the kitchen table and my workroom

I’m coveting: More hours in a day

My playlist: Passenger

I aspire to: draw more, travel more

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

I am currently working on: a new Paris inspired fabric

And for those who are not crafty, Mikodesign also offers softies and accessories that are already sewn :)