Coffee break with Anne Katrine Montag, Designer of Mini A Ture

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Let’s enjoy some coffee with the designer of the playful and functional Danish brand, Mini A Ture. 

“Children feel comfortable wearing MINI A TURE, while looking beautiful and well-dressed. Our personal style based on Danish design combined with current trends and humor is unique. Our special prints and patterns, unique cuts and color combinations, combined with high quality materials create a truly exclusive and chic look.” – Anne Katrine Montag

Coffee or tea: Coffee, but tea when I’m in my healthy mood

Social media makes: Everything more close by

I’m inspired by: Beautiful things

Childhood is: Nostalgic and lovable

The place where I create is: My office with my mood boards

I’m coveting: Fashion, traveling, my family and springtime

My playlist: Quadron and London Gramma

I aspire to: create things that people love

Introvert or extrovert: extrovert

I am currently working on: Spring/Summer 15




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