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We have decided to switch things up a bit around here! Our goal at Dreamer has always been to provide you with a place to come for pure inspiration and love of art. We don’t tell our contributors what their features should look like (we believe in letting our artists do what they are best at, free of reigns), we don’t want to promote things just because we are paid to and we want to let you into the minds and hearts of our little world over here. So we have decided to take ads out of our magazine, add more behind the scenes content and give you MORE (this issue is 1/3 bigger than our previous issues!)

To make this happen we are switching to a subscription based magazine. While we can’t offer Dreamer for free anymore, we are keeping the cost very low so that you aren’t paying more than that latte cost you that you bought to drink while you read it.  We will still offer sneak peeks of our content and artists on our social media sites (so you can still see what we are up to without having to buy the magazine) but we are so proud of our features, we just know it will be the best stuff $5 can get you!


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