Green Tea with Erika Harberts of Mikodesign

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Grab a fun teacup and let’s enjoy some green tea with Erika Harberts of Mikodesign. Mikodesign offers adorable kits for making your own softies, tissue holders, banners, etc. Erika designs the fabrics and screenprints the whimsical designs herself in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Coffee or tea: I love tea, especially green tea!

Social media makes: involved with other crafters& mothers

I’m inspired by: my two girls(daughters) and Paris

Childhood is: the best time of your life

The place where I create is: at the kitchen table and my workroom

I’m coveting: More hours in a day

My playlist: Passenger

I aspire to: draw more, travel more

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

I am currently working on: a new Paris inspired fabric

And for those who are not crafty, Mikodesign also offers softies and accessories that are already sewn :)



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