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A couple of weeks ago my two daughters modeled the Fall ’14 line for a lovely brand, Les Petits Carreaux, designed in France and made in San Francisco. I instantly became obsessed, not only with the classic and soft silhouettes, but the impeccable tailoring and surprising details! Les Petits Carreaux even made an appearance in the current Summer issue of Dreamer with one of my very favorite tops ever (you can find it in the Sea Glass Circus editorial!). Imagine my joy to discover that while modeling Les Petits Carreaux, the girls would be photographed by the amazing Sabrina Bot Photography! I was familiar with Sabrina’s previous work with Wovenplay, so yes, I was that geeky mom on set all smiley and excited.
Les Petits Carreaux is designed by Stephanie Ross and Alice Shamreiz. While Stephanie lives in San Francisco, Alice resides in Paris. Both French moms work seamlessly together to bring forth the chic line for both boys and girls. Sabrina Bot (also French!) is a photographer that may call San Francisco home, but also shoots kids fashion in New York and Paris. It was such a lovely day and I’m so happy to introduce Les Petits Carreaux to our readers! Stephanie Ross was kind enough to let me interview her, so sit back and enjoy and be sure to check out Les Petits Carreaux’s current Summer line!
1. Tell us a bit about your line.
Les Petits Carreaux is a street in Paris as well as a pattern (plaid) in French. This sums up the essence of our style — timeless, simple, elegant and distinctively French. The brand offers a collection of classics for boys and girls from ages 2 to 12 with exceptional fabrics, impeccable tailoring and pure comfort. The entire  collection is manufactured in San Francisco.
2. Who/What are your main influences?
We are inspired by our own childhood in France, when parents dressed their children in adorable outfits in beautiful fabrics. Our credo is “elegant can be simple and simple can be elegant.”
3. Describe the Les Petits Carreaux child.
The Petits Carreaux child loves to wear his or her outfit because they are comfortable, practical and stylish — and  mom loves them too! Children can wear LPC clothes everyday and for any occasion, and can be as creative as they wish in mixing and match all items from the line — all colors and patterns will elegantly match together! Finally, the LPC child is playful and fun, and enjoys the freedom and comfort they feel in their LPC outfit.
4. What do you see as the main differences with how Europeans approach dressing their children vs. Americans?
Children’s clothing in the US tends to be driven by commercial marketing initiatives (such as movie and story characters or sports franchises), bright colors and loud patters. In France the emphasis is on elegant, muted tones that can be worn everyday for their comfort, but are stylish enough to be worn for special occasions. For a European parent, casual children’s wear does not necessarily mean no emphasis can be placed on style or sophistication. Since children in the US are given the liberty to choose their own outfits, LPC’s matching lines will ensure that no matter what combination the child chooses, the result will be an elegant, coherent ensemble.
5. I had the pleasure of seeing your upcoming Fall ’14 line this week. It’s breathtaking! What can we expect for Fall?
Our Fall collection blends warm, lush colors of corduroy, cotton prints and cozy plaids, with tone and fabric combinations that are a joy for both child and parent.
6. Finally….American breakfast or French breakfast?
French breakfast for sure! ...nothing beats a wonderful pastry and strong cup of coffee. For me and my son, morning is all about something sweet . . . .
Thank you to both ladies for being a part of Dreamer today!
If you love looking at beautiful photography, don’t miss Sabrina Bot!

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    Très jolis photos, pleines de fraicheurs et de luminosité

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  3. Rob Smit - Holland says:

    By surprise I found this Les petits Carreaux and look to the nice photos and the fashion of the kids. Very well
    designed and professional photos. Bravo Sabrina.
    Good luck.

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